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With the constant changes in the financial industry, we continue to adapt, grow and evolve our product portfolio
and services to ensure that we provide innovative, current and relevant solutions to our clients.

Products and Partners

Our Global network of award
winning solution providers

E-KYC Software
Know Your Customer (KYC) or Customer Due Dilligence
Wealth Management
What you need to know about digital wealth management
ASG’s Mobius
ASG is an innovative and profitable business investing in products, services and support.
Lending Automation End-2-End
“TurnKey Lender is a technological leader on the credit scoring, decision automation, and loan management…
RPA and Loans Collection
EdgeVerve are making constant strides towards transforming enterprises by providing AI enabled…
Salt Group is an Australian IT security company that provides robust security infrastructure, supporting the …
Digital Banking Platform
Genie-Transformation is an Open API Omni Channel Business Transformation Platform. It is a low-…
Global Business Networking for SME’s
GlobalLinker is a unique business networking solution for making SME businesses simpler, more profitable …
Anti-Money Laundering
NICE Actimize helps you assess the risks you face, stay compliant with ever-changing regulations, and keep …
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