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Anti Money Laundering

Anti-Money Laundering

NICE Actimize helps you assess the risks you face, stay compliant with ever-changing regulations, and keep a step ahead of financial crime.

Is anti-money laundering technology necessary?

Today’s financial services companies need to react to threats quickly and effectively. With increased regulatory scrutiny and expectations, organizations must implement reliable anti-money laundering (AML) solutions to meet compliance requirements. A failure to do so can result in fines and reputation damage.

Nice Actimize’s autonomous AML solution is a financial services software that helps organizations achieve consistent regulatory coverage, detect suspicious activity, and respond quickly to market changes. It uses innovative technology to protect institutions and safeguard assets by identifying financial crime, preventing fraud and providing regulatory compliance.

A best-in-class among anti-money laundering software vendors, Nice Actimize combines robotic process automation, machine learning, and data analytics to cost-effectively ensure consistent regulatory controls and proactive risk management.

Why financial crime software can help your business

Organizations with proactive end-to-end AML risk management software can:

Gain the competitive advantage of consumer confidence. With solid compliance strategies and reliable financial crime software, they boost their reputation compared to their competitors and therefore gain market share.

Anticipate regulatory changes ahead of time. NICE Actimize is a well-established AML solution provider that leverages its global network of regulators and analysts to constantly update the product to changing compliance requirements.

Reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies. With case management tools and advanced analytics, users get a single view of risk, thus achieving ease of use in managing their AML solution.

Core features of our anti-money laundering technology

The NICE Actimize AML solution comprises the following modules:

– Customer​​​ Due Diligence​ (CDD)

– Suspicious​​ Activity Monitoring (SAM)

– Watch List Filtering​ (WLF)

– Suspicious Transaction Activity Reporting (STAR)

– Currency Transaction Reporting (CTR)

– Actimize Watch for AML, delivered by X-Sight

Essential elements of effective financial services software

NICE Actimize is an effective AML solution because it contains the following:

An open and extensible architecture: This allows the solution to be scalable, offering long-term investment protection and supporting strategic business growth.

Advanced data analytics: This results in high quality alerts, reduced false positives, and efficient testing and deployment.

Intelligent automation: By automating the repetitive elements of business processes, the solution speeds up investigations and reduces human error, as well as lowers the cost of compliance.

A leader among anti-money laundering software vendors

NICE Actimize has been recognized as a leader in AML solutions by independent global research firm Forrester Research. In a 2019 survey of anti-money laundering software vendors, it received the highest possible scores in both the Current Offering and Strategy categories. Over the years, NICE Actimize has also been consistently ranked as number one in the anti-money laundering technology space.

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