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Digital Banking Platform

Digital Banking Platform

Genie-Transformation is an Open API Omni Channel Business Transformation Platform. It is a low-code application development platform designed to help enterprises transform their legacy systems into future-ready digital solutions. The platform offers enterprises a cutting edge approach to building digital solutions. It provides unique capabilities that provide agility, flexibility and scalability while building any type of digital solutions. Digital Platform offers enterprises a cutting edge approach to building digital solutions.

The banking reach problem: Why banks need agent banking software

Traditional banks can’t always reach customers in less-populated rural areas. Operating a physical bank branch requires resources like employees and buildings, which are not cost-effective.

In the Philippines alone, the number of rural bank branches has been steadily dropping. Instead, banks are serving the rural customer through proxies, or “agents”, such as post offices, telcos and retailers.

Agent banking seems to be a win-win-win – it’s profitable for the bank and the agent, and directly benefits the customer.

But in the absence of a physical branch, how can a bank ensure the same security, efficiency and service quality?

Improve operations and processes with banking software solutions

This is why banks need their own specialized agent banking software solutions that can replace physical branches.

But reaching customers is only the first step. How do you optimise process efficiency to retain these customers? How do you improve the customer experience so that it is simple, convenient and frictionless?

Bank Genie: digital banking software for business transformation

Bank Genie’s headline product, Genie Transformation, is a digital banking platform designed to help banks transform legacy systems into future-ready digital solutions.

It offers clients the following benefits:

– Banks can extend their reach to the unbanked and under banked market segments, making agent banking commercially viable

– Agent networks can be deployed faster and with lower operations cost

– Customers are better engaged, easily on-boarded and better retained

– Automation capability results in operational efficiency and staff productivity

– Innovative platform architecture ensures agility, flexibility and scalability for future expansion.

Many banking software companies promise this. So why Bank Genie?

At the back-end, Bank Genie’s digital banking platform is supported by cutting-edge technology:

Omni-channel support: All customer touchpoints, including mobile, internet, social media and chat bots

Artificial Intelligence: Enabling smart workflows, personalization and natural conversations

Micro app architecture: Supporting faster, more efficient development of complex apps

Enterprise grade security: Ensuring compliance with purpose-built security controls

Repository: Centralizing digital assets for reusability and cost-effectiveness

Bank Genie’s vertical banking software solutions

Genie Transformation is a digital banking platform made up of the following vertical solutions:

– Genie-Branch: a branch less banking application

– Genie-Teller: a branch efficiency and paperless banking application

– Genie-Wallet: a digital wallet solution

– Genie-Mobile: a mobile banking application

– Genie-Selfie: a customer opening and E-KYC application

– Genie-Bot: an artificial intelligence, deep-learning chat bot

– Genie-Passbook: an e-passbook application

These can be customized to client needs.

Coming soon: The latest in digital banking software solutions.

Bank Genie is constantly innovating. Its latest vertical solution, Mobile Check Deposit, will overcome one of the last barriers to digitalization.

With advanced image capture and encryption algorithms, customers no longer have to physically visit a branch to deposit checks. Banks will have complete straight-through transaction fulfillment, with full compliance and zero manual intervention.

Bank Genie’s digital banking platform is the solution of choice for many satisfied clients throughout Africa and Southeast Asia.

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